Austurbru advocates in the interest of inhabitants, communities, institutions and companies in East Iceland. It provides a coordinated and interdisciplinary service related to economy, education and culture. The institution represents the development of the economy, society, administration, college and continous education, research, knowledge and culture in East Iceland.


The purpose of Austurbrú is to work in the interests of East Iceland residents, municipalities, companies and other bodies, in order to provide coordinated, interdisciplinary services related to education, culture and the economy. Austurbrú shall be a leading voice in the development of business, knowledge, research, government administration, university-level studies, continuing education, and  social and cultural activities in East Iceland.


Austurbrú intends to fulfil its purpose by providing an interdisciplinary forum for cooperation and by working towards:

  • innovation, development and the nurturing of regional communities and businesses
  • greater job development and enhanced continuing and vocational education
  • effective information provision and comprehensive marketing
  • increasing variety and expansion in research and university-level education
  • diverse activities in the cultural, artistic and creative industry sectors

Examples of services

  • Analysis of projects
  • Network
  • Starting a company
  • Consultation on business plan, budgeting and operating plan
  • Profiling
  • Strategic planning
  • Grant applications
  • Negotiation
  • Workshops and conferences
  • Education guidance
  • Marketing consultation

For further information pleasecontact our main office: +354 470 3800 // [email protected]